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Enhancing the liquidity pool while streamlining the process of FX execution.

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TJM is an FX intermediary execution services firm providing product advice in foreign Exchange markets to Eligible Contract Participants
With an extensive liquidity pool consisting of both traditional interbank alongside non-traditional buy-side market making firms and local banks, TJM FX can effectively and efficiently access liquidity previously unavailable to the majority of market participants. With offices in Chicago, New York, London, and ASIA (coming soon), we can offer true 24-hour global coverage.

TJM conducts an FX Intermediary business with Eligible Contract Participants as defined by the Commodity Exchange Act. The firm does not conduct a retail customer business. Should you continue to click through the information on our site, you are acknowledging that you are an Eligible Contract Participant. Nothing contained herein should be construed to be directed to retail investors, nor should it be construed to be a recommendation of products or strategies. Foreign Exchange products and CFTC regulated swap derivative products involve risk and are not suitable for all investors.

what we do

TJM’s FX Team includes ex Buy-side and Sell-side money managers and interbank fx specialists using specific in house trade idea generation to fit each client's portfolios on an individual basis. Relative value overlay then allows TJM to identify specific structures that augments the potential benefit from the view.


One of the primary roles of TJM is liquidity management. We develop close working relationships with a deep pool of liquidity providers both in the local / interbank market, along with the growing number of buy-side market making firms. Given the overall aggregate volume, we can support a vast number of liquidity providers, giving our clients access to an exponential amount of liquidity.


All trades at TJM are executed and settled in the name of our Prime Broker. This allows total client anonymity as all parties face our Prime Broker. Utilizing this setup also allows us to match interest from buy-side to buy-side, creating a "virtual" exchange in which both parties maintain anonymity. The flow does not reach the interbank market and thus leaves a smaller footprint. This allows larger trades to clear without moving the market. This is especially beneficial in illiquid pairs and more sensitive flows.


All orders are executed at TJM by a team of seasoned professionals with decades of combined experience from buy-side and sell-side firms. TJM's execution team is comprised of ex-spot and options traders along with Fwds/NDF traders. We have expertise in each of the global centers. Trades are matched in real-time.

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